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Color Scheme

Colors are the first thing people notice when they visit your site.

Your color scheme can make a huge impact on both style and consistency. Learn how to choose the right color palette, and work it into your site’s design system.

As experienced designers of all backgrounds can tell you, color schemes require a profound amount of thought and consideration in the web creator’s design workflow. Because of the large scope of this topic, there are many best practices to master in order to create the perfect color scheme. After understanding the significance that color schemes play in the website design process, we will be even better equipped for our future design-related decision making and our careers as web creators.

When it comes to branding, specifically, color schemes are almost always a key component in a brand’s design system or style guide, which is a set of guidelines that defines a brand’s personality, brand messaging, visual assets, and content assets. Branding, as we know, is one of the most crucial components in the website design process. As such, a defined, carefully crafted color palette will solidify our brand identity so that our websites and their content become a polished, professional brand asset.

There are many best practices and “rules” that, when put into effect by web creators, will maximize the potential of their web design skills and best represent their prestige and competence as a web designer. It’s time to learn and understand just how valuable website color schemes are in website design and the rules you can follow to make yours the very best.

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